Nepal River Rafting - 1 - 9 days

Nepal River Rafting

Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world for rafting and kayaking as it has thundering waters running down from the glaciers of the higher Himalayas. Rafting is an exciting way to explore Nepal because the rivers of Nepal take the traveler to the very heart of a magical land and is one of the most exciting ways of exploring Nepal's ancient cultures and unspoiled landscapes. Rising from the glaciers of the highest mountain range on earth and from the mysterious high plateau of Tibet the rivers plunge through narrow gorges and traverse their rugged foothills. Along its course the rivers pass through many life zones traveling through alpine meadows, sub-tropical forests and the lush tropical jungles of lowland Nepal. Many of Nepal's rivers present some of the most exciting and challenging trips for rafters and kayakers alike.


  • Several Rivers originate from the Himalaya.
  • Choice of the rivers with rapid grade from 2 to more than 5
  • An option of choosing a day trip or multiple day’s trip.
  • Scenic mountain views, terrace fields and village.
  • All inclusive packages.

Popular Rafting Rivers

Trisuli River:

Trishuli is Nepal's most popular rafting river. Easy access from Kathmandu and Pokhara, scenic valleys, impressive gorges, exhilarating white water rapids and easier sections as well as the right amount of time, all make it the perfect adventure trip for both first-timers or experienced rafters.

Trisuli is the most easily accessible and popular rafting river. Trips are normally for one or two days. The river can be reached either via Kathmandu or Pokhara. The adventure trip can also be extended to Chitwan National Park. Trisuli river is quite popular with immediate kayakers.

One day  Rafting Trips: $40 per person
Two days Raftig Trips: $80 per person

Kaligandaki River

Kali Gandaki, hurtling down between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges, creates one of the world's deepest river canyons. Adventure in this majestic river brings together great white water rapids with extraordinary scenic beauty. Passing through remote hamlets amidst tranquil surroundings is a remarkable experience. Abundant wildlife on thee banks of the river and impressive waterfalls have charm of their own.

Kali Gandaki rapids are considered to be technical and are capable of keeping the rafters busy. They are appreciated by both the experienced rafters and the novice. Unique feeling of remoteness comes to heart while rating in Kali Gandaki. Kali Gandaki river rafting is famous for ultra-excitement all over the world. It attracts the lovers of adventure from the places of far and wide. One can see the superb view of Annapurna Mountain Range and Dhaulagiri while kayaking in the river.

Three days Rafting Package from Pokhara.  $150 per person

Seti River Rafting

Slicing through the beautiful Annapurna regions, river Seti offers a short rafting expedition. The warm blue water makes Seti river a popular choice for winter trips. The dreamers sit on the banks of the river and watch its waters jumping up and falling down. The sight is very refreshing.

During monsoons, the waters of the river stretch to great extent. Flooded rapids of this impressive river prove scintillating test even for experienced rafters and kayakers. The rafting expedition on the river Seti is one of the most thrilling short river excursions available in Nepal.

Two days Rafting Trip from Pokhara  or Kathmandu
. US$ 170 Per perosn.

Bhote Koshi River.

Bhote Kosi  is another great river for  short River Rafting.The name indicates that its origin in Bhot or Tibet. It has upper sections of grade 5 and 6. Most of the the commercially rafted section is from much lower down and has an overall grade of 4 with a couple or so harder rapids that warrant a (4+ or 5-). Rafting in Bhotekoshi suits to those who has previous rafting experience as this river believed to be the steepest river that is rafted in Nepal.

Two days Rafting Trip. US$200 Per person.

Karnali River Rafting

Karnali River, the largest and longest river in Nepal, is the destination of most rafters in Nepal. Karnali river, known as Ghaghara in India, literally means ' holy water from the sacred mountain'. The river is ideal for long rafting trips. The lowland trek joining strength with few impressive canyons makes Karnali an unforgettable river rafting trip in Nepal. While kayaking in the river one passes amidst dense forests and picturesque natural beauty. For the lovers of big volume river rafting, Karnali river is safe to recommend.

7 Days Rafting Trip  Contact us for detail itinerary and price.

Sunkoshi River Rafting

White water rapids and picturesque scenery describe the Sunkoshi river. Sunkoshi or 'River of Gold' is considered one of the ten best rafting/kayaking rivers in the world. Sunkoshi is termed as an unpredictable river. It has its own moods: serene and tranquil one moment; wild and turbulent the next. It is always changing, always challenging, the ultimate in the river adventure. So, Sun Koshi is famous in rafting circles, and with good reasons.

Rafting adventure in Sun koshi river enables one to enjoy immensely beautiful mountain scenery and remote villages. Local inhabitants can be witnessed in this hamlets busy in their daily work. To view all this while flowing rapidly in the river current is amazing. Rapids can acquire great mass during rainy seasons but it is not safe rafting in that season.

9 Day Rafting Trip. Contact us for detail itinerary and price.

What Included?

  • Private or public transportation to put in Point and from take out point
  • Self-bailing raft along with helmets, plastic paddles, wetsuits, lifejackets, and first aid kit.
  • Well prepared food and drinks. Tents , Sleeping bags and Sleeping mats.
  • All our equipment is of the highest quality, clean and well maintained.

Useful Information

What to bring
Please bring with you shorts and a T-shirt or swimwear for on the river, suitable footwear for wearing in the raft, warm clothing for the evenings, a towel, sun block and your camera. A flashlight is also useful.

Tell us before you book
Please tell us if you are a non-swimmer, or not very confident in the water. Also it is essential that you inform us of any medical conditions that may affect your well being on the trip.Please inform if you are vegetarian.

We are very serious about your safety while Rafting. We use well experience and government license holder guide, as well as trained in CPR, First Aid and advanced river rescue techniques.

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