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We do not seem to remember many our experiences. It is, perhaps, only the ones that somehow are capable of striking us that remain in us as those memorable. Your travel to Nepal is certain to add a period in your life that you would consider as one such affair. For one thing, Nepal, with its unbelievable landscape together with a harmonious diversity in culture, animals and vegetation, is a travel destination that is very likely to take anyone's breath away. Moreover, you may have chosen to sufficiently equip yourself with the necessary resources ready at your disposal – which you may believe are adequate to pamper your stay in any place around the globe. Equally importantly, however, we, here at Vista Trek, have, and still do, consciously put in the required hours in coming up with the best possible ideas that, we remain confident, will make your travel to Nepal a rewarding experience.

To illustrate, the one thing we value the most in our organization is efficient work. This owes much to our understanding that there is a positive co-relation between our work and the well-being of this organization. The efficacy of our work, measured mainly in terms of customer satisfaction and not just in terms of economic gains, is, therefore, an integral aspect in the services we render.

We do understand, however, that having a genuine desire to satisfy a customer is very different from achieving the goal. What the latter demands is a combination of selected assets and processes that best-fit the job. Of the assets, human resource – trained but not robotic, passionate but practical, industrious and efficient – is perhaps the main driving force in any organization. It is in this area that Vista Trek has a distinct advantage.

After years of experience as initially porters then guides and trip planners in the field, Ishwar Pyakurel, Devendra Basnet and Arjun Kumar Sharma set out to set up an organization of their own, eventually, establishing Vista Trek Pvt Ltd in 2007. Although the company had started as a three-man venture, today we are a family of 20 enthusiastic service providers.

Ishwar has been leading the company as the managing director since establishment. Like most members of this organization, he too had started his career in the field as a porter in September 2001. He was 20 then. His career started with a 5-day Ghorepani Ghandruk Circuit with three Thai tourists. Carrying between 20 kg and 25 kg during the trip, he thought that the job was not as difficult as he had assumed. It did not take long for this notion to be proven otherwise, however. "I consider a 25-day Jomsom Muktinath Trek which got me swollen ankles and relatively large blisters on the back as the one that gave me an idea of what this job would demand. I had to carry a 40-kg load throughout the trip," says Ishwor, highlighting what people should be ready for if they choose to make this a career.

By the time he was 22, his job had already made him travel through 7 different trekking trails several times, making him become informed enough to claim a guide status. After a successful 45-day training from the concerned government body, he became a registered guide for trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. He still talks about his first trek as a guide with a lot of enthusiasm, "My first job as a guide was a three-day trip from Dhampus to Sarangkot. Although I was the tour guide of a single Japanese traveler, I instantly realized that this was what I would enjoy as a career. Even after twelve years from that day, I still look forward to at least 2 treks a year."

Today, Ishwar invests most of his time working on projects geared towards improving the quality of the services the office sells to its clients, with emphasis on bridging the gap between what they promise to provide and what the clients receive. "A company must say what it means and mean what it says. It's as simple as that," adds Ishwar with conviction. Another member who has been consistently contributing to the well-being of this organization is Devendra (Deven) Basnet, one of the directors since inception. With five languages at his disposal (English, Spanish, Japanese, Nepali and Hindi) and almost 15 years of on-the-field experience so far, Deven is as energetic as ever and equally passionate. His love and passion for travelling around Nepal is an interesting story, the day he accidentally stumbled/ even so.

His career in the field had initially started with his search for a job … any job. This ended when Prabin, who used to be a man from his village and was also running a trekking company, offered him a job of a porter for a trekking group. Attracted by trekking and the landscape, he later realized that he had started enjoying his job which allowed him to travel for free to places he would perhaps not have otherwise travelled. What he considered as an additional benefit at the time was that his job as a porter earned him some pocket money, instead.

For him, today, Nepal is a must-visit place. "Where else do we get to visit a place that has around 90 peaks towering over 7000 metres with 8 out of 14 in the world over 8000;where else do we get to experience a landscape that is literally so small, yet so steep that you will have the luxury of experiencing altitudes, starting from just 57 metres above sea level to almost 8850;where else do we get to be in a place where a variety of biomes is a natural gift, a place where harmony despite cultural diversity is a commonplace, a place where you are very likely to find comfort in adventure, awe in seeing happiness in faces. Where else, where else do we get to take tours to World Heritage Sites, including Kathmandu a city with the most World Heritage Sites and Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha. For me, this is a place that we will have missed if we don't make it a priority to visit, at least once in our lifetime," he gasps, with sincerity clearly visible in the eyes.

Arjun Kumar Sharma is one more key figure in the institution. Born in Seti Dovan, a village in Shyangja, a district around 35 kilometres from Pokhara, Arjun had been interested in trekking and travelling even as a child as he regularly witnessed happy-looking travelers passing through his village. His decision to work with a view to earning had a different motivation, however. "Brought up in a family of eight with five siblings, I thought of starting work at 21, when I realized how much time and energy my father as the main bread earner had to invest simply to keep the family running," he recalls. He, therefore, left for Kathmandu, the capital city, in 1994. He expected the city to provide him with opportunities to find a job and further his studies at the same time.

In about three months' time, a recommendation of an elder from his village, finally, landed him a job in the trekking industry – his Dhaulagiri Trek as a porter in October 1994. His job took him to four interesting trekking regions – Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Dhaulagiri – several times in the next two years that followed. He worked for one more year as an assistant guide before completing the guide's training and becoming a registered one.

With 21 years of experience behind him, he amply emphasizes the gravity of knowing the job well in the business he is in. "If you are in the job, you must know the job very well. This knowledge, in our line of work, can often determine the difference between a relatively safe journey and an untoward incident," he claims. The numerous times in his career so far when he had had to take very quick decisions to save someone suffering from altitude sickness or to manage a safe detour in the event of an avalanche or a landslide have all lent strength to his assertion. This is what he further adds. "Up close with the magnificent harshness of the HIMALAYAS is something that needs to be not only appreciated but respected as well."

The efficacy you will witness in our workforce is not merely a coincidence, however. We are equipped with the necessary assets, from a proper office in Thamel to all possible equipment our guests as well as the staff involved would need for a particular venture. The effectiveness of our workforce, nonetheless, also owes much to the system we have in place. Our emphasis on using the best possible processes in running the organization has promoted a culture of continuous discussions on improving our services. At regular intervals, our staff, as a consequence, receive trainings targeted at equipping the concerned service provider with the required knowledge and skills demanded by a particular activity. Our appraisal system further allows us to assess our informed efforts based on on-the-field practicality, allowing us to make necessary changes for improvement, with meticulous attention on striking a balance between what's provided and what's expected.

Consequently, we are now able to offer an increased number of adventure activities of late (see a list of what we have on offer). A gradual rise in the number of individuals and groups who seek our assistance can, certainly, also be taken as yet another proof. As a more concrete evidence to all the claims we have made so far, however, you might also want to read what people who had chosen our services had to say on our REVIEW section.

To conclude, with Vista Trek as you travel partner, we believe that it is very possible for your interactions with your experiences in Nepal to result in your satisfaction.
Welcome to Nepal! Welcome to Vista Trek!

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